About Us

In 2020, the United States is still plagued with countless social and economic inequalities. Actions such as Colin Kaepernick’s decision to take a knee for the National Anthem shows that athletes can make powerful statements regarding these inequalities, and the effects can ripple throughout the nation. 

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While on a run in February of 2020, Ahmaud Arbery was killed by two white men who mistook him as a burglary suspect. Inspired by the “I run with Maud” challenge created in the aftermath of his death, Athletes for Equal Rights is a campaign that hopes to bring attention to the inequalities black people face in their everyday lives through physical activity.

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Statistics are so valuable, yet so easily forgotten: We hope to give meaning to these numbers by providing an explanation for every piece of data, and a workout that corresponds with it. On this website, you will find weekly programs which consist of 7 different workouts, each of which is accompanied by a video, the statistic, and a detailed explanation of the implications of that piece of data. We’ve just launched our first program, which is inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement. Please consider donating to the movement by visiting this page: (link here)

Equally important is listening to the voices of athletes of color- we’ve dedicated a page to this, which can be found here (link). This page puts a face to the multitude of cases of racial injustice and mistreatment of black people.  The athletes’ stories are each of their own experiences throughout their lives as black athletes, people, and citizens of the United States of America.  Their voices should be heard. Please take a moment to read their stories. 

Several dozen athletes and individuals have made this campaign possible, which  includes a collaboration between those from the Capital District of NY, and athletes at the Pennsylvania State University. We hope that athletes across the country will participate in these workouts, share their stories, and use their voices to call for equality in all facets of society.

Please follow our Instagram page, @athletesforequalrights, for day-to-day updates on our campaign and the progress we hope to make.