David Bolisomi

Texas Christian University Football | 23 years old | @6bigpapi2 Instagram | @7bigpapi7 Twitter

During my tenure at TCU, I was highly involved in the entrepreneurship center at TCU. I pitched at competitions to get funding for ideas I had, and got funded for a couple.

However when I first started I used to be conscious on how people would perceive me when pitching as a big black guy who didn’t necessarily speak in the same vernacular as all the other people. But with time I started to realize that being different, sounding and looking different was actually an advantage. I learned a lot about myself and uncovered skills I didn’t think I had. And all those have led me be the co-founder of my own start up. That experience has pushed me to encourage my fellow student athletes to step out of their bubble, because I understand how scary it can be to be in environments that you are not accustomed to. However we need to be in those environments because diversity in entrepreneurship is a strength, and by doing it you uncover a lot about yourself.