Destiny Charles

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Hey, my name is Destiny Charles, and I run for Auburn University. 

So, I have seen the narrative change about a couple of times, and I just wanted to address those topics. The first narrative that changed was, “George was resisting,” “your looting,” and “black people kill each other all the time.” Let me tell you something, who gives us those guns and weapons for black people to kill each other?

Ask yourself that. Who put the guns there? 

Okay, looting. You’re telling me that looting is a bigger problem than someone else losing their life? I will ask again so it can sink in your head,: is looting a bigger problem than multiple black people losing their lives due to police brutality? 

Now let’s talk about George, people  said he was “resisting,” but videotapes show he is not . 

What is the last resort that people  go to? “You all are not being peaceful.” Who is not making it peaceful? The police officers have not been making it peaceful for us; they made it unpeaceful.

Black people mind our business, and they made it unpeaceful. 

For example, like Breonna Taylor, she was shot eight times by a police officer while she was sleeping! She did absolutely nothing wrong, but the police found some way to make it unpeaceful. 

Police are killing innocent black people and getting away with it. You have a police officer who killed Trayvon Martin, signing skittles and posters like he is a celebrity for killing a black person.

 Some understand where black people are coming from, but some do not want to understand. Some just want to try to justify a police officer for killing INNOCENT black people. There is no way you can justify this, you all have been taking away my people, and I can’t even take this skin away. 

I’m going to be black forever, and I love that so it does not matter to me. But the problem is, you’re taking away us black people for something we can not take off. I can not rip off my skin and wish to be white, even though I do not wish to. Have you  thought that you might be killing the next star athlete? Because Lord knows how many cases it has been that were not recorded, but people could be killing the next LeBron, MJ, Usain Bolt, Allyson Felix. 

Do people not realize that? 

So to the ones that are saying “all lives matter,” If ALL lives matter, you should protest with us- because a life is a life to you, right? 

So fight with us, fight for the lives that need to matter at this moment!