Josiah Scott

Howard University Swimming |
Age 20 | @josiah.scott

Personally, being a black athlete in a predominately white sport has come with it’s unique challenges and struggles. But I’ve been blessed with the opportunities that many haven’t, and I feel like I have an obligation to share my experiences with everyone, especially younger black athletes. I feel my job with the position I’ve been given is to inspire, educate, and support young black athletes. I’ve had a history in many sports and never truly found something I was extremely good at. Swimming came around, and I wasn’t amazing at either. But it was something I enjoyed practicing, and something I wanted to work hard at, which I’d never experienced in any sport. Fast forward a couple years, and I’m swimming for the only Division 1 HBCU Swimming and Diving program in the nation, winning most improved swimmer this past season. I’ve learned that there will always be people that oppose and will try to knock you off your path to success, and just the opposite there are individuals who will push you and support you. My goal is to show other younger black athletes that they can succeed at anything they set their mind to. And in the face of everything occurring right now, it is more important than ever for black athletes to step up and use our voice to support each other and the individuals who will come after us.