Madison Freeland

Howard University Swimming | Age 19 | @mad_love__ | @naturallymadlove (hair account)

Last week I came across @soulcapofficial page and saw that they were doing a campaign with @swimdemcrew to raise awareness about the challenges black people and minorities face in a predominantly white sport. They’re hoping to increase the participation amongst black people and minorities and break the myths about black people and swimming. I thought that it was important to share my story because i’ve been a part of the swimming world for quite some time now. I’m still swimming collegiately and I thought it would be great for others, especially the youth, to hear my experiences and share how I overcame them. I too want to encourage others to swim and not feel discouraged. In my life,  I’ve seen young black girls shy away from swimming because of the challenges of managing their natural hair. I created my natural hair page to educate my community about properly caring for their hair while swimming. I hope I can be a part of this change .