Mike Johnson

James Madison University Football | Age 21 | @mike_johnson42

My name is Mike Johnson, I am a senior attending James Madison University. Recently, with the help of Seth Weaver, Semaj Sorhaindo, Percy Agyei Obese, Alex Miller, Jack Hannah, Mike Greene and Liam Kauthen, we have started a group named the Student Coalition Against Racial Injustice (S.C.A.R.).

With that being said, our plan with S.C.A.R. is to be able to educate and inform not just our peers and ourselves on the racial injustice, systemic oppression and overall history of what us black people have had to endure over the course of 400 years in America, but also to hopefully visit high schools, middle schools and elementary schools in hopes of stopping the discrimination at that generation. I want to grow S.C.A.R. to something that is huge and makes such an impact in the community that when I come back to this university 10-20 years from now it is still here making a positive difference in the community and in people’s lives.

S.C.A.R. is a platform for all students to educate, empower, and make change in themselves as well as their communities by embracing the fact that behind every story is a scar and that everyone has their own.