Semaj Sorhaindo

James Madison University Football | Age 21 | @sdsorhaindo91

My name is Semaj Sorhaindo, and I have recently started an organization that will soon be an official group at JMU. It is called SCAR, stands for Student Coalition Against Racial injustice. The group was created by my fellow JMU football teammates and myself to have an effective way of discussing racial conflicts across the country.

We created SCAR to further these conversations about racial injustice, systemic oppression,  systemic classism, and other forms of discrimination that are all still going very strong in America. SCAR also creates a way for students who do not have the same platform as Student-Athletes, to voice their feelings on the topics at hand. Any JMU student is allowed to join SCAR, even former students who feel the same passion about the cause.

One of the main goals of the organization is to stop the consistent complacency that comes every couple of years when everything dies down until another African American loses their life. SCAR will keep the talks and awareness going for as long as it takes until we can have real change in our government system created on a foundation of oppression.

I urge that my fellow student-athletes all over the country try to form groups that talk about these conflicts and push for changes in the system, talk with your staff at your schools and see how you can implement a SCAR group of your own. We all have a platform as student-athletes for our luxurious schools- use it to speak up, and speak out on the things that are wrongly happening in society today.